Katy Perry posts video urging people to get 'pumped' to vote while pumping breast milk
Screengrab: Twitter

Celebrities encouraging voters to turn out on election day has become a normal part of politics.

And to make sure messages about the importance of voting don’t go stale, some famous faces have started to give their campaigns a unique edge.

For the upcoming US election, Katy Perry is told her followers to get “pumped to vote”; while pumping breast milk for her daughter Daisy Dove Bloom.

The video follows a new exercise video lead by Jane Fonda, aptly named “exercise that vote”, staring Shaq, Ken Jeong, and Ashley Benson. They and others in the video are working up a sweat in the name of voter turnout.

Perry posted the video, which was made for the non-partisan, non-profit organisation Register2Vote, to her Instagram page.

On social media, she was praised for being upfront with her fans about the truth of new-motherhood, and also noting the importance of prioritising voting.

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