Donald Trump will hate the latest Der Spiegel cover

Donald Trump will hate the latest Der Spiegel cover

The latest cover of Der Spiegel magazine is very disturbing. It’s also likely to put you off ever using a face swap app ever again.

Der Spiegel is one of Germany’s most prolific political publications.

Its latest cover shows Trump’s face merged with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

Or, more precisely, Putin’s face with Trump’s trademark hair.


Alongside the disturbing image, the cover states: "Der Doppelregent: wie viel putin steckt in Trump?"

This roughly translates to:

How much of Putin is in Trump?

This is of course referencing the ties the Trump administration have with Russia - Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently recused himself from an investigation into this matter after it was revealed he voluntarily misled senators under oath.

The magazine has been a consistent critic of Trump.

Last month, Klaus Brinkbäumereditor, the magazine’s editor-in-chief warned that Trump threatens liberal democracy and world order.

The cover is a nod to revelations this week that Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, had twice spoken with the Russian ambassador during the presidential election last year.

Trump has denied ties with Russia, but has been very reluctant to criticise or condemn the country, either.

There have also been allegations that Trump colluded with Russia to help his presidential campaign.

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