Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone expertly trolled Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney

Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone expertly trolled Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney
The Stunning Transformation Of Sydney Sweeney
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A new trailer dropped yesterday for Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell's romantic comedyAnyone But You.

Before the trailer, Powell and Sweeney did a jokey introduction where the pair teased each other in true romcom fashion.

Then, an unexpected pair decide to recreate the introduction: Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone.

Fielder and Stone are starring in A24's The Curse and parodied the rom-com's trailer, with the significant contrast between The Curse and Anyone But You, making it all the more funnier.

Whilst Anyone But You follows Powell and Sweeney going to a destination wedding after a single and hating each other. The Curse is about Fielder and Stone who start a problematic HGTV-like show in New Mexico.

Immediately social media were loving the quick-turn around from Fielder and Stone.

Fielder carried the joke on further, posting a 'statement' to Twitter/X, writing:

"I've just been informed that the introductory clip leading into our trailer for The Curse which I posted to social media earlier today has similarities to the trailer introduction for the romcom movie Anyone But You. I want to be very clear - we shot this promo over six months ago, and I am seriously concerned that the marketing team at Sony Pictures somehow saw our promo and copied it."

Will Gluck, the director of Anyone But You, then released his own statement:

"In today's era of cancel culture, sometimes it's better to just own your mistakes. We did indeed steal the trailer launch idea from The Curse and for that, we deeply apologise to Paramount+, Showtime, Nathan Fielder, and Emma Stone."

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