Netflix has an ultra-elite 'preview club' that shows exclusive content before it airs

Netflix has an ultra-elite 'preview club' that shows exclusive content before it airs
Netflix to Expand Preview Audience

The secret is out.

Netflix has an ultra-elite "preview club" that allows members to watch series and films before they are released.

The streaming platform is also reportedly planning to expand the group's membership.

Called the Netflix Preview Club, the platform created the group in May 2021 to get feedback on the content.

In a report from the Wall Street Journal, roughly 2,000 people were initially selected to be in the group, but now, Netflix is looking to admit tens of thousands of people to the group next year.

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Despite there being no way to apply for membership and the criteria involved, someone on Reddit said that they got an email from an account called Netflix Surveys that invited them to join the group.

"Has anyone heard anything about this Netflix Preview Club? I got an email about it from Netflix surveys, but I can't find anything online about this at all. Has anyone heard about this or know if it's a legitimate thing? Thanks in advance!" the person wrote at the time.

Another person who saw this comment claimed that members would receive "a special Netflix account," and the company would send an email when there was a new movie to watch.

However, the content usually must be watched within "a week."

The person also claimed that the members would have to sign an NDA "because these truly are not released and still in the final editing stage."

Responding to someone else who asked if they received any money for their contributions, they said they didn't but found it "fun" to have their input be "considered" for how the product comes out.

In a report from Variety, they shared that users selected were asked to preview upcoming content and answer questions.

These questions include letting the platform know what they appreciated, what they didn't, how it could be improved, "or how likely they'd be to recommend it to friends and family."

The WSJ further reported the Netflix Preview Club members watched Don't Look Up before its release and provided commentary via a survey afterwards.

Many of those members reportedly told Netflix that the movie seemed "too serious," so they added more comedic elements before its official release.

Netflix isn't the only company to have a member streaming club.

Amazon Prime Video has Amazon Preview, and Hulu has Hulu Brain Trust.

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