Netflix's Resident Evil trailer has fans saying the same thing

Resident Evil 4 - State of Play June 2022 Announcement Trailer PS

Netflix has released a trailer for the new Resident Evil series and it’s got fans saying exactly the same thing.

The new live-action series, inspired by the video games, is set to hit the streaming site on 14th July and Netflix has released another trailer teasing its arrival.

Resident Evil the game was released in 1996 and is still hailed as one of the scariest video games ever. It has since inspired 30 sequels, spin-offs and remakes as well as six movies.

The premise of the game sees the gamer fight against a pharmaceutical company, the Umbrella Corporation, which has developed viruses that can turn humans and other living things into zombies.

But, from what fans have said, the two-minute trailer has garnered a rather underwhelming reception from gamers who have grown up playing the horror video game series.

Commenting on the YouTube video, one person explained why. They wrote: “Here's the problem with this show. The scariest part of all the resident evil games (excluding 6) was that the zombies or whatever other horrific enemies you were fighting were in a secluded area that you couldn't leave.

“When you make the zombies ‘take over the world’, it becomes a universal problem that you're no longer alone in, a much less scary plot.”

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Another disappointed viewer said: “The moment a Resident Evil plot goes ‘the world ends’ it stops being Resident Evil. It becomes another end of the world zombie flick of the bunch.”

Their comment has been liked over 1,300 times as other users appear to agree that the show bears no resemblance to the game.

Someone else joked: “RE [Resident Evil] Fans: we just want the solid story from the games. Netflix: what games.?”

Another person asked: “When can we have people that actually played the game make these shows/movies?”

The eight-episode series appears from the trailer to have used the Resident Evil games for inspiration rather than a hard and fast rulebook, and it remains to be seen if it will be a hit with the fans.

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