The X Factor live shows got underway on Saturday night with 13 finalists all performing in front of a packed studio audience.

Among those was Monica Michael, a singer-songwriter from north London, who had been cut from the show after the judges' houses round - but was asked back as the "wildcard" pick.

As part of the build-up to Monica's performance, she explained:

When Rita didn't say my name [in the last round] I was devastated, and I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever get a phone call.

Cue the feelgood music and a sudden cut to north London...

Here's the outside of Monica's house

Oh, and look, here's a shocked Monica picking up the phone

Hang on, is that Rita Ora?!

Monica was so astonished by news that she was being invited back on the show that she burst into tears

Many viewers, however, were struck by Monica's complete surprise at receiving a phone call from Ora, given the fact that THERE WAS AN ITV CAMERA CREW IN HER HOUSE.

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