Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is known for his humour. This time, his mum has got in on the act.

Tammy Reynolds trash-talked her son’s fellow Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth for charity in a social media showdown.

In a post on Twitter, she said Ryan had asked her to read out disparaging comments about the Thor star. “Normally I would not talk to my friends like this, but he insisted.”

She called Hemsworth “everyone’s least favourite Australian” and said he is “a no-good asshat who looks like a bodybuilder who f***ed a platypus”.

Tammy went on to launch into a heavily censored description of the superhero and then apologised for her son, jokingly saying: “You know it is my fault, I brought him up wrong.”

But she saved the best burn till last. “I loved you in Wonder Woman,” she told Hemsworth – who was not in the film. It’s Chris Pine who has a leading role.

Reynolds ended his tweet with the hashtag #ChrisHevansprine in a nod to Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, who are also in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The video was part of the ongoing AGBO Superhero League, a charity fantasy football league featuring stars from some of the biggest superhero movies.

Reynolds is playing for the SickKids Foundation while Hemsworth is supporting the Australian Childhood Foundation.

The Australian actor attempted to return Tammy’s trash-talk with a video featuring his own “dad”, Dan Blacklock, but he simply called Reynolds a “top man” and said Green Lantern is the “best movie ever”.

Other participants in the league include Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, Tom Holland, Elizabeth Olsen and Karen Gillan.

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