On 23 October, Hollywood A-lister and expert troller Ryan Reynolds celebrated his 42nd birthday.

While you sit there and wonder how someone could possibly look that good at that age, allow us to distract you from a mini-crisis of confidence with a small scrap between Deadpool and Wolverine.

Well, not exactly the two superheroes, but the actors who play them - Mr Reynolds and Mr Hugh Jackman respectively.

On the day of Reynolds' birth, Jackman wished him many happy returns on Twitter, but not before giving him a little dig about which of them is the nicest of the two.

Reynolds didn't take kindly to this and responded by calling the 50-year-old X-Men star a 'monster' and claimed he wasn't even from Australia.

As you can guess, the internet loved this and began responding with appropriate messages, photos and gifs of this blossoming bromance.

Others became excited at the thought of Jackman hailing from Milwaukee.

That wasn't the end of Reynolds being mocked on his special day. Warner Bros sent him a tweet referencing his ill-fated role in Green Lantern.

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