Sean Spicer, Trump’s ex-press secretary, will mostly go down in history for the huge amount of lies he managed to tell in his short tenure.

Despite defending Hitler and lying about the size of crowds being his only real claims to fame, he’s now been announced as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

He announced the move on ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday, when one of the hosts even made a little joke about his lies.

Naturally, even long-time viewers of the show are furious. People are accusing Disney and ABC of “normalising fascism”, commenting on the dangerous decision to make Spicer appear harmless.

Of course, Spicer is far from being a star, but his lies are so famous they’re even documented in the Mueller report. People working for ABC have called the decision a “slap in the face” as Spicer was “so horrible” to them.

Reportedly, his response to the criticism was to say:

I think this is an entertainment show. I look forward to having some fun. And if people are looking for news, I suggest they tune into a news program.

Of course, people responsible for propagating lies and fascism probably shouldn’t be portrayed as “fun” “entertainment” on national TV shows.

Most of the outrage took place on Twitter, which you can see below.

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