Stormy Daniels trolls Trump by performing 'F**k Donald Trump' on stage at rap concert

Stormy Daniels trolls Trump by performing 'F**k Donald Trump' on stage at rap concert

Stormy Daniels, the pornographic actress who claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump, has appeared on stage at a music festival to sing, well...'F**k Donald Trump.'

The 40-year-old, who alleges that she had a relationship with the president in 2006 and was reportedly paid off by Trump's lawyer to keep quiet, has not shied away from criticising Trump since he took office.

Now, in an unprecedented turn of events, she has taken to the stage at the Camp Gnaw Flog Carnival in Los Angeles to make an appearance during the rapper YG's performance.

YG, a 29-year-old artist from Compton, released a song in 2016, prior to Trump's election, called 'FDT' which basically stands for 'F**k Donald Trump.'

Now you can probably see where this is going but as Daniels has apparently slept with the president her tongue-in-cheek cameo during this song, which is a collaboration with Nipsey Hussle, made thematic sense.

In a back and forth between her and YG, the rapper asked her if she was 'the one who f**ked Donald Trump?"

She replies by saying:

I really wouldn't call it f**king. I just laid there.

Her answer elicits a few gasps and chuckles for the audience. YG then hugs her before launching into a rendition of 'FDT' which Daniels joins in with.

Daniels shared a short clip of her appearance on Twitter. As you can imagine the clip contains very strong language so proceed with caution.

As you can imagine, people have found this entire moment to be very amusing.

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