Chris Jericho reveals filming one Terrifier 2 scene almost made him 'puke'

Chris Jericho reveals filming one Terrifier 2 scene almost made him 'puke'
Terrifier 2 trailer
Bloody Disgusting

Independent horror movie Terrifier 2 has quickly become the talk of the film world after viewers reportedly 'passed out' when watching the violent flick in cinemas.

The film, directed by Damien Leone is a sequel to a 2016 movie that became a hit on Netflix, focuses on a brutal serial killer called 'Art the Clown' who wears black and white makeup and doesn't make any noise.

Art is played by David Howard Thornton but one of the most recognisable faces in the movie is professional wrestler and musician Chris Jericho who has a cameo as a character called Burke.

However, much like some of the people who have seen the film some of the scenes were a bit too much for even him to take but not in the way you might think.

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Speaking to Leone on his Talk is Jericho podcast the two revealed that the scene was filmed in a former insane asylum which has been used in other films and TV shows. However, Jericho, who is currently the Ring of Honor champion in All Elite Wrestling, said that an eating scene almost made him throw up due to the amount he had to consume.

The wrestling icon said: "I'm one of the attendants in the insane asylum and you had me eating these jelly eyes and I had to eat like 10 of them...whatever. First couple were fine but afterwards it started getting to me and started grossing me out. I was eating these jelly eyeballs in this cold, disgusting place.I was starting to get grossed out. I didn't want to eat these eyeballs anymore.

"Then you had me in the cell and there was like a plate of food and it was really gross food but it was real food like cream corns...the whole thing was grossing me out. I know it was a movie and it wasn't real but when you are filming it, it's kinda real."

In another interview with Screen Rant, Jericho said that he told Leone: "Dude, I'll eat one more, and then that's it! Because I'm gonna f***ing puke if I have to do another one of these."

Terrifier 2 is on a limited cinema release before being released on DVD and Blu-Ray on October 24th.

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