The man who gave us 'Friday' has a new song out that might be even worse

Patrice Wilson, also known as Pato, is the man who wrote and co-produced Rebecca Black's earworm Friday.

Now he has unleashed Cupcakes on the world, alongside Gina Naomi and Tinkerbell The Dog (who as far as we can tell is not actually a dog). It has already been dubbed the new Friday but we think it might actually be even worse. As MTV point out, the chorus alone sounds like a conversation "with your super-stubborn super drunk friend at 4 a.m."

Having’ the time of our lives. Then we’re like so hungry! Give me on of those cupcakes. Give me one of those cupcakes! With the sprinkles on top. With the sprinkles on top. WITH THE SPRINKLES ON TOP!


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