There was a polar bear on the Tube today. This is why

Early rising commuters in London may have been jolted to life after seeing a polar bear seemingly wandering down the platform at Charing Cross station this morning.

But fear not, there's no man-eating carnivore roaming the streets of the capital. Just an incredibly-realistic looking PR stunt for Sky Atlantic's new "Arctic-noir" drama Fortitude.

The 8ft long, "fully-animated adult male polar bear" was seen on the Underground, Millennium Bridge and Hampstead Heath this morning to promote the new show.

It reportedly took a team of 19 "prop specialists" eight weeks to design and build the animal and has two puppeteers inside who spent five days rehearsing to fully get the "gait and other movements just right".

Fortitude will be on Sky Atlantic on Thursday 29 January at 9pm.

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