Victoria Beckham hilariously mocks David in advent calendar picture

How can you not love David Beckham’s pearly whites?

Victoria Beckham made a hilarious dig at her husband and his teeth after she received a personalised advent calendar from a fan featuring her family outside their Cotsworld home – and the footballer’s molars front and centre.

The former Spice Girl posted a video on her Instagram story showing off her early Christmas gift.

“So today I received this incredible advent calendar that was sent to me, she says before zooming in on her husband. “How amazing are David’s teeth?” she added.

She also added a caption to the video that read: “I mean… Is @davidbeckham wearing these teeth in for someone else?!?”

She also sent her effusive thanks to Kevin, a Spice Girls fan who gifted her the calendar, but also still couldn’t help but make fun of her spouse:

We really do have the most wonderful Spice Girls fans. I feel so blessed and so lucky and I love this. Thank you so much Kevin – and once again, check out my husband's teeth.

It’s not the first time David Beckham has been the victim of his wife’s hilarious trolling. Earlier this month, Victoria Beckham posted a photo of the couple featuring a rather daring pair of boots worn by the footballer.

She later posted it on her Instagram story with the caption, “Gaston wants his boots back,” referencing the classic Disney villain.

No fashion faux pas is safe.

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