When you think about it, James Bond really has killed a lot of people

James Bond: slightly charming, slightly misogynistic alpha male gadgeteer from a bygone era of British espionage, right?

Wrong. He’s a sadistic, soulless killer.

The people at Auralnauts have tallied 007’s on-screen kills, and it reaches a total of 362.

362 kills, James. How do you live with yourself? They could have been parents.

Most staggeringly, throughout his career, he’s made 29 not-quite-tasteful puns after extinguishing a life.

Roger Moore’s Bond has dealt with the most lethal damage, with 121 fatalities to his name.

The montage of all of Bond's killings, analysed, takes 38 minutes to deliver, which given that Batman's takes three and a half, is a little worrisome for the MI6 agent's conscience.

James, we worry for you.

To watch the full video, see below:

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