Carlos Valderrama is now starring in a range of beef commercials

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Saturday 19 July 2014 11:30

Carlos Valderrama, ex-Colombian international footballer - famed for his big hair, his tactical prowess in the heart of midfield and now... beef commercials.

That's right, 'El Pibe' has been starring in an advertising campaign for the Colombian Federation of Livestock to promote the consumption of beef and to raise awareness of bovine health issues in his homeland.

Under a slogan that roughly translates to "eat more natural" the campaign aims to help low income families eat nutritious meals and also to boost the agricultural economy, according to Contexto Ganadero.

The video was published some time last month on YouTube, and frankly, it's a travesty that it's taken so long to make it to this side of the Atlantic.

A virtual doff of the cap to the chaps at IBWM for bringing this important topic to light. If you're a football fan, (and haven't seen it already) you really should check out their website, it's rather lovely.