9-year-old skateboarder pulls off three back-to-back 900s in front of Tony Hawk

9-year-old skateboarder pulls off three back-to-back 900s in front of Tony Hawk
🤯 Ema Kawakami world's first THREE back-to-back 900’s #XGames #Skateboarding #WorldsFirst

If you played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater in the 1990s you'll know that 'The 900' is one of the hardest tricks in skateboarding.

The trick, which can only be done on a vert ramp, involves two-and-a-half mid-air rotations and for years the legendary Tony Hawk was the only skateboarder to successfully land the move, pulling it off way back in 1999.

Now more than a dozen pro skaters have since landed the trick, with even 1080s and a 1260 being landed in competition.

Those are all impressive but wait until you learn about 9-year-old Ema Kawakami from Kobe, Japan who is taking the skateboarding world by storm, despite still being in junior school.

Back in 2022, Kawakami became the youngest person to ever land a 900, when he was just seven years old. Now he's back blowing minds again landing not one, not two but three back-to-back 900s.

Kawakami pulled this off during Tony Hawk's 'Vert Alert' competition over the weekend and to make it even better the 'Birdman' himself was there to witness it.

Hard to believe that 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift was number one in the United States the day he was born.

Unfortunately for the youngster his impressive feat wasn't good enough to win the competition with 15-year-old Gui Khury walking away with the gold medal but judging by this, the sky's the limit for Kawakami.

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