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This week marks ten years since Emmanuel Adebayor scored for Manchester City against Arsenal and ran the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the fans of his former employers, a truly iconic Premier League moment, if you don't happen to support the Gunners, that is.

Clearly the Togolese striker has some time on his hands while plying his trade in Turkey (for Kayserispor, if you were intrigued) because he took to Instagram to mark the anniversary with a picture of the celebration complete with '10 year anniversary' and a handful of celebratory emojis in the caption.

Arsenal fans, who should have known better, reacted as you might expect with fury and bile for their former player turned enemy, lamenting him for having the audacity to gode them all over again.

However, Adebayor decided to take them on in the comments in the most dignified way imaginable – with “your mum” jokes.

All these years after that infamous 4-2 win, it would appear that Adebayor is still a thorn in the side of Arsenal fans.

Later on in his career in England, Adebayor would play for Tottenham Hotspur, the biggest rival of Arsenal. Does this man know no bounds?

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