The mystery of why England's Danny Rose had holes in his socks has been solved

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images; Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The World Cup is over for England, but important questions remain unanswered.

Namely, why do England struggle to score from open play? What - as Jamie Vardy recently asked in a press conference - is the diameter of Harry Maguire's head?

And most importantly of all, why on earth did Danny Rose have holes in socks during England's third-place play-off loss to Belgium?

Bored with ruminating over England's wasted opportunity to enjoy its most successful World Cup since 1966, the internet combined its brain power instead on what possible reason someone would have for deliberately cutting up their socks.

It turns out it's probably to relieve pressure around the calves.

Rose is not alone in having done this, with England teammate Kyle Walker also having cut up his socks over the past season.

It appears to be a way of preventing cramp, as tight football socks can cause tension in the calf muscle.

Meanwhile, others just saw the opportunity to make a few jokes...

...Mostly at England's expense.

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