Gary Lineker tried to mock Ian Wright on BT Sport and it backfired wonderfully

It's been a big week for BT Sport - the first round of the Champions League group stage since it won the rights from Sky Sports in a £897m TV deal.

On Wednesday night, when Chelsea and Arsenal were getting their campaigns under way, host Gary Lineker thought he'd open proceedings with a joke.

Introducing the panel, which included former Champions League winners Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard, Lineker poked fun at former Arsenal player Ian Wright (who's never won the trophy, a replica of which was sat in the studio).

But Wright didn't let the joke go unanswered and instead hit back with an absolute zinger:


To enjoy it all with us are Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and Ian Wright. All three have had their hands on this trophy. Rio and Steven in Moscow and Istanbul respectively... and Ian when he walked into the studio this evening.

Wright (referencing Lineker's notoriously large ears):

You should've seen when I walked in the studio and nearly lifted the back of your head.

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