Hikaru responds to chess cheating allegations with crazy winning streak

Hikaru responds to chess cheating allegations with crazy winning streak

He’s the biggest name in chess at the minute, and Hikaru Nakamura has responded to the cheating allegations against him by going on a crazy winning streak.

Streamer and grandmaster Nakamura dismissed “garbage” claims that he had cheated recently after going on a 15-game winning streak and blowing away opponents.

In case you missed it, chess grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik appeared to have accused Nakamura of cheating in a cryptic post after referencing a number of “interesting” statistics behind his incredible form.

Magnus Carlsen had a little fun at his expense earlier this week, and didn’t seem to be taking the whole thing too seriously.

Since then, Nakamura seems to have been galvanised by the accusations and he’s gone on to win a staggering 43 games in a row.

It’s an impressive feat to say the least, and chess master Levy Rozman seemed to sum up the thoughts of the community by writing: “This is insane. Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura has just won 43 blitz chess games in a row, live on stream... he is clearly sending a message regarding the recent comments from Vladimir Kramnik.”

The allegations have clearly inspired him to some of the best form of his chess career.

Nakamura already hit back after grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi shared a screenshot of Kramnik’s post implying Nakamura had cheated.

He hit back by writing on Twitter: “Vladimir appears to be referencing my record…is he really accusing me of cheating? [Ian Nepomniachtchi] are you jumping on this accusation as well by tweeting this garbage??”

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