Joe Burrow ruined a lot of women’s Super Bowl plans this year

Joe Burrow ruined a lot of women’s Super Bowl plans this year
Just How Good Is QB Joe Burrow?

Step aside Tom Brady, there’s a new quarterback quickly becoming everyone’s favorite celebrity crush and that’s Cincinnati Bengals player Joe Burrow.

Burrow, 26, has become an internet icon with his sought-after style, good looks, and impressive athleticism.

So much so that he’s given non-NFL fans something to look forward to this football season. And many were hoping he’d make it to the Super Bowl so they’d after something to watch.

But Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Bengals in the AFC championship game, meaning Burrow’s season is over.

And the TikTok girlies are extremely upset.

“The only reason I’m sobbing [tonight] is bc I realised there will be zero Joe content for MONTHS. THAT breaks my heart,” one TikTok commenter wrote in response to a video about Burrow losing.


Heartbroken for my sweet lover Joe Shiesty 💔 we know the all pink denim lewk today was for your ladies and we appreciate it more than you know #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #joeburrow #nflplayoffs #bengals

The disappointment that Burrow, and the Cincinnati Bengals, would not be playing radiated across social media Sunday night.

"No point in even watching the Super Bowl now," a TikTok commenter wrote under a video.

"It’s a sad night for us all," another person said.


me clinging on to this photo for dear life because we will in fact not be getting more joe content #greenscreen #joeburrow #joeburrowedit

On Twitter, women expressed similar sentiments about Burrow losing by using memes and videos to share their sadness.

Some went as far as to say they have no interest in the Super Bowl this year now that Burrow is no longer playing.

"Joe Burrow not in the Super Bowl? I ain’t watching," a Twitter user wrote.

"The girlies just lost the only reason we had to watch the Super Bowl. Live love Joe Burrow," Camila tweeted.

The Super Bowl will be played between the Philidelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs on February 12th.

But not to worry, Burrow will be playing in the Pro Bowl Games on February 5th so people have a chance to see their favorite quarterback then.

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