John Terry ripped for moaning about flying economy at Chelsea

John Terry ripped for moaning about flying economy at Chelsea
John Terry takes a shot at Robbie Savage

Former Chelsea captain John Terry is no stranger to his antics off the pitch making headlines - and it's happened again, this time moaning on a podcast about being made to fly in economy class.

Terry appeared on the latest episode of the Up Front podcast hosted by Simon Jordan, where he spoke about playing under Jose Mourinho, the worst moment of his footballing career, the current state of Chelsea and loads more.

But there's one clip that's been shared on social media which he's getting a lot of stick for.

Terry said former Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas, who managed the club between June 2011 and March 2012, lost the dressing room on his first day because he ordered first-team players to fly in economy and not first class.

Speaking on the podcast, Terry said: "So when AVB (Andre Villas-Boas) came in, we went to Hong-Kong and I'm sitting in economy on a 13 hour flight.

"We've got Josh McEachran, Nathaniel Chalobah, a couple of other young players, all in first class.

"This was part of AVB going 'no player's bigger than me, everyone's the same'.

"So I'm on the plane going 'no no, we're not going anywhere until these young players go back in economy and the first-team players that have built this club to where we are today go back in first.

"AVB comes up, 'what's the problem?'

"I'm going 'well we're not going anywhere until the young players move' and to be fair to the young players, they're going 'listen JT, it's really uncomfortable, we'll go back' and I'm going 'no no, it's not your decision, it has to come from... He has to own it'.

"In the end it spins so all first-team players fly first, younger players go back economy.

"He tried to make a statement day one and he failed instantly because I promise you, the plane wasn't going and if it was going, it would have gone without myself, Frank (Lampard) and Didier (Drogba)."

The clip has already been parodied.

And comments on a post on X / Twitter have laid into Terry.

But others thought Terry had a point.

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