Laurence Fox’s attempt to criticise Leicester players for supporting Palestine was a massive self-own

Laurence Fox’s attempt to criticise Leicester players for supporting Palestine was a massive self-own
Eddie Keogh - The FA/The FA via Getty Images/Victoria Jones/PA

Just weeks after losing the London mayoral election, Laurence Fox has attempted to wade back into politics by criticising two Leicester City footballers for supporting Palestine.

On Saturday, the East Midlands side won the FA Cup for the first time in their history when they defeated Chelsea 1-0 in a dramatic game at Wembley Stadium, which featured the return of fans to live football games.

After The Foxes were presented with the trophy, the squad celebrated on the pitch with two players – Hamza Choudhury and Wesley Fofana – raising the Palestinian flag to show support for the nation in their conflict with Israel.

As always with this type of situation, the players were equally praised and criticised for making a political statement in a sporting environment but the last person qualified to make any criticism was probably Laurence Fox.

The outspoken individual succinctly tweeted: “Hound these t**ts out as well. Or give the ball chasing woke babies an atlas and ask them to pinpoint Palestine on a map.”

We can’t really speak for the language that Fox used but we can’t help but think that if he would have used his words a bit more constructively then he wouldn’t have left himself open for such an easy goal for those looking to mock him.

Soon enough people began to mock the former actor by pointing out that at least one group of Foxes were able to triumph in London recently.

Others also pointed out that Fox, who is an advocate of free speech, appeared to be condemning people for using their freedom of speech.

Although Choudhury or Fofana have not appeared to have faced any criticism from their club, Arsenal were forced to issue a statement after their Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Elneny shared a pro-Palestine post on Twitter which prompted concerns from the Lavazza Group, a sponsor of the Gunners.

The North London side said in a statement to Sky Sports: “As with any employees of Arsenal, our players are entitled to express their views on their own platforms.

“That said we have spoken to Mo about this so he understands the wider implications of his post. As a club we are committed to confronting and eliminating all forms of discrimination and continue to champion the need for equality and diversity across all areas of life.”

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