Did MJF's car accident promo on AEW really prompt fans to call the police?

Did MJF's car accident promo on AEW really prompt fans to call the police?
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This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite world champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman, aka MJF revealed just how dastardly and evil he could be with a promo aimed at his current challenger for the championship, Bryan Danielson.

After defeating Japanese star Konuske Takeshita earlier in the night, MJF aimed a few barbs at Danielson in a backstage promo just to emphasise just how much of a "scumbag" he can be.

In the promo, MJF spoke about a girl he was seeing in junior high who for "legal reasons" he called 'Liv.' He added that at the time he had a problem with speeding and "just kept getting speed tickets" while racing around in his blue Camaro. "I was one point away from having my license revoked, and it was time for junior prom," he added.

He said after the prom he was driving 'Liv' home and implied that he received oral sex from her while driving. At this point bear in mind that this is professional wrestling and is most likey not true and MJF was just using his skills as a talker to get over how evil his character can be.

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He continued: "Once she was done, I put the pedal to the metal, but it was, unfortunately, raining like cats and dogs. We then hydroplaned and went spinning off the road; I panicked and hit the accelerator instead of the brake. At 90 miles per hour, we hit a telephone pole.

"When I woke up, my hands were covered in blood, and my sweet Liv's head had cracked against my windshield. I put my finger on her nose, and thank God, she was breathing. Off in a distance, police sirens began to roar. There it was — adversity. In that moment, I found out the sort of man I really am. I'm the type of guy who grabbed Liv's lifeless body and switched seats with her, so the cops knew I wasn't the one driving."

MJF's promo was so shocking that it has now been suggested that the Nassau police department were contacted more than 300 times by AEW fans concerned that the story was real.

This spread thanks to a Facebook page called The 434 which said that the police released a statement that they were looking into the claims but "believe it was to do with a fictional story on a television show."

While that sounds a little farfetched Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio said that they "100 per cent got a bunch of phone calls. That’s not a joke. A bunch of fans legitimately called the Nassau Police Department to report MJF."

This was backed up by ESPN's Marc Raimondi who noted that although it was unlikely hundreds of fans contacted the police department there does seem to be some truth to the story. In addition, he added that there may have been some truth to MJF's story but didn't speculate on which elements were.

Whether or not any of this is true, kind of misses the point of the promo which was to tell viewers that MJF is a real evil and conniving character that shouldn't be trusted at all. It only adds more heat to his already intense rivalry with Danielson which will come to a head in a 60 minute Iron Man match at the Revolution pay-per-view on March 5th.

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