The UK government's daily press briefings are a way for ministers to address the nation about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with members of the public and journalists also contributing questions.

A major talking point for what feels like months now is when football will be returning both at a professional and grassroots level like it already has in nations like Germany and South Korea.

It's an important question and the man who wanted to get to the bottom of it was Robbie Savage. Yes, that Robbie Savage.​

Now as a journalist and a football coach Savage was more than qualified and within his right to ask the question which Matt Hancock and the governent's experts duly answered.

However, as you can probably tell in Hancock's voice he was probably a bit surprised to be hearing from the former footballer, who has a history in the game for being a bit of a joker and a 'jack the lad.'

So given the serious nature of these press briefings, it was a little odd to see Savage on our screens addressing the government and in all fairness asking a very good question.

People have already started wondering who will be on next?

Still, it's probably not the most unexpected moment of his career.

We can also guess which former footballers will be turning up next but if all their questions are as good as Savage, we say bring them on.

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