Why was Roman Reigns banned from TikTok?

Why was Roman Reigns banned from TikTok?
Roman Reigns Is the Tribal Chief of Professional Wrestling: Unchecked

WWE superstar Roman Reigns no longer exists on TikTok, with fans speculating why has been banned from the platform.

His account, previously boasting 1.3 million followers and almost 8 million likes, is currently showing a notice that explains his TikTok is banned and no longer available to users.

Fans of the wrestler turned to other social media platforms to discuss speculations about the ban.

Despite many raised eyebrows, it is likely to be a case of TikTok's strict policy against violence-related content. This includes simulated violence.

One person wrote: "There’s no way right, why would he be banned? Who’s gonna unban the Tribal Chief?"

Another added: "That moment you realize that TikTok didn’t acknowledge Roman Reigns…"

Meanwhile, a third acknowledged: "What a tragic last 72 hours for Roman Reigns. Wow unbelievable."

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It comes after Reigns was pinned down for the first time in over three years at Money In The Bank.

Despite recent hurdles, Reigns remains one of the biggest stars in WWE after holding the Universal title for more than 1,000 days.

In a 2021 interview, he opened up about changing up the "dynamic of the top guy".

He told the New York Post at the time: "Being the face of WWE, and the way I’ve displayed it and the way that we’ve betrayed it, as opposed to lying about it and being this superman, bulletproof character who’s got these flamboyant colours on,"

"And come running out to the ring [and] everything’s happy go lucky and saying a whole bunch of stuff with this loud charisma that doesn’t really make that much sense, but sounded good because he had great energy."

Indy100 reached out to TikTok for comment.

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