Uproar over teen tennis player's 'creepy' celebration with her father

Uproar over teen tennis player's 'creepy' celebration with her father
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Tennis fans were divided about Sara Bejlek's celebrations with her father at the US Open. Though the 16-year-old insists the interaction, which some have called "creepy", was simply a result of cultural differences.

After defeating Heather Watson in Friday's US Open, the Czech player headed over to her father, Jaroslav Bejlek and her coach Jakub Kahoun for post-match celebrations.

The clip shared online showed Bejlek and her father sharing a hug as he appears to pat her on her backside several times before kissing her on the lips. Her coach also patted her buttocks repeatedly.

Some were quick to defend the interaction, with one urging people not to sexualise it. They said: "Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee: That's his daughter, get your mind out of filthy gutter mindsets and accept cross-cultural family bonds. Not everything needs sexualising."

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"This is only culture differences and not weird," another added.

However, it didn't sit well with some parts of social media as one said: "Whether it was a coach or a family member, this is one creepy stuff."

Another fan tweeted: "There's absolutely no reason to touch a 16yo girl on her butt like that. It's beyond inappropriate. As the video progressed it got worse and worse. And that's not because I see her as 'sexual object' or am projecting as some in comments and quotes are alluding."

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Bejlek has responded to the outrage by telling iSport: "I saw the video. It was a spontaneous reaction of the whole team. We rejoiced.

"It may certainly seem inconvenient and uncomfortable to some, but we have already discussed it with the team. It won’t happen again."

Bejlek added: "Dad is my dad and always will be. And I’ve known the coach since I was eight years old. He tapes me, he massages me.

"If something similar happened in the Czech Republic, no one would deal with it. But since we are in America, everyone comments on it. But as I say, we talked and it won’t happen again."

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