​The NFL's LA Rams' Super Bowl poster is identical to one from a South Korean art house film

​The NFL's LA Rams' Super Bowl poster is identical to one from a South Korean art house film
Eminem says performing at the Super Bowl is ‘f***ing nerve-wracking’

It's Super Bowl Sunday in the United States and people across the globe are getting ready to see the big showdown between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams at the SoFi stadium in LA.

This year's half-time entertainment is a hip-hop infused affair with Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige, and Kendrick Lamar all performing.

However, if you are after a slightly more contemplative, slower and thoughtful type of entertainment there is an odd South Korean arthouse element to this year's game.

Fans of the 2020 film The Woman Who Ran by acclaimed director Hong Sang-soo noticed an almost identical similarity between the movie's poster and the official poster released for the Rams by the NFL on Saturday.

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Here is the Rams' Super Bowl poster.

And here is the poster for The Woman Who Ran.

The Woman Who Ran movie posterCinema Guild

It didn't take fans of the film long to notice the similarity between the two posters.

There does seem to be a hint that the creators of the poster know that there is a film link, at least if the tweet's caption is anything to go by: "What will the final scene of the @RamsNFL Hollywood script look like?"

The NFL is yet to publically respond to the similarities between the two posters.

Who knew there was a crossover between the Super Bowl and arthouse cinema? Maybe Hong Sang-soo, who is a prolific director having made 32 films since 1996, could use this as inspiration for his next effort.

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