Thierry Henry schools CBS panel in second language

Thierry Henry schools CBS panel in second language
Thierry Henry corrects CBS panel in his second language
CBS Sports Golazo

A video of Thierry Henry schooling three native English language speakers live on the CBS Sports panel about an English word is going viral.

Kate Abdo hosted CBS Sports' coverage of the Champions League alongside pundits Thierry, Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards on April 10.

Two more pulsating quarter-final first leg ties were played out during the coverage, with Barcelona winning 3-2 at PSG and Atletico Madrid holding off Borussia Dortmund to win 2-1.

But the moment that's captured attention online is Thierry's knowledge of a word in the English language two of his colleagues had never heard of with Kate, who used it earlier in the broadcast, stumbling when asked to explain what it means.

Prior to the clip being posted, Kate used the word 'inculcate' in the coverage.

It means to teach someone an attitude, idea, or habit by persistent instruction.

But Jamie and Micah had no idea what it meant.

Jamie said: "I've never heard of that word in my life."

Micah then asked Kate to explain what it meant - but the host started drawing a blank.

"Ah I knew it before - it's when you, when you, err... Create something with intent, you, you, it's like breeding something," she stumbled.

Micah then made a joke about the producers not helping Kate in her ear to which Kate joked: "Always in my ear when I never want them in my ear!"

Thierry then shocked the panel by calmly giving an example.

"You can inculcate values to your kids, politeness, whatever," he said.

Micah then said: "How does he speak better English than us? He's French."

Kate said: "This is the cultured end of the table."

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