Why this Italian high-jumper is sporting a 'half-beard'

An Italian high-jumper raised a few eyebrows again this weekend for sporting a peculiar half-beard at the Olympic Anniversary Games.

But this wasn't a pained attempt at trying to fit in alongside east London's hispters, Gianmarco Tamberi has actually been toying with a demi-tuft since 2011 because he thinks it's a lucky charm, according to reports.

Explaining his reasons behind the unusual facial hair, he said after the event: "It has become my trademark... I like to be on stage and to entertain the audience."

Tamberi finished second in Saturday's event, clearing 2.28m - with compatriot Marco Fassinotti making 2.31m. And just think, perhaps a clean shaven face could've made all the difference.

(Picture: Getty)
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