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The 2019 women’s World Cup is set to be a breakthrough year for the sport, but some people are still refusing to take it seriously.

Despite more than 6 million people watching England’s 2-1 win over Scotland, some football fans still won’t accept women’s football.

Critics have argued that the quality is significantly lower than the men’s game and does not deserve equal pay or funding, despite the US women's team scoring more World Cup goals in one game than the male US team has since 2006.

One fan picked tried to use a clip of a bad throw-in as evidence that women’s football isn’t up to standard.

Admittedly it's not the greatest throw-in we've ever witnessed. But, anyone whose watched men’s football knows even the best players in the world make ridiculous gaffes sometimes.

Like this one…

Or this one from Real Madrid’s stars…

Or this one from Neymar – who earns 36.8m euros (£32.7m) a year.

We could keep going all day…

On the other side, it’s not like the women’s game doesn’t have moments of quality as well.

Team’s like the US national team, have sued for equal pay, fighting for not just for better salaries but also better training facilities and resources.

As one user pointed out, some women footballers have to work part-time jobs to support themselves due to low pay in the sport and investment would enable a lot of progression in the sport.

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