Photographer claims cruise line dropped her bag in the ocean and didn't tell her

Photographer claims cruise line dropped her bag in the ocean and didn't tell her
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A distraught photographer has claimed a cruise line lost her luggage in the ocean and failed to inform her.

Lindsey (@throughlindsdeyslens) took to TikTok in tears after discovering her suitcase was missing. The contents were said to include her entire holiday wardrobe, supplements and camera equipment.

"Celebrity Cruise Line lost my bag in the ocean and didn’t tell me," she claimed. "And left it there."

Lindsey had an AirTag attached to the suitcase which stopped working when she tried to track it down. That was when she received a call from someone in Amsterdam who informed her he fished it out of the water – thanks to her contact details on her luggage tag.

"No one saw it. No one reported that it was gone," the TikToker told viewers. "If someone hadn’t found it floating in the ocean, I wouldn’t have even known it was gone."

She went on to suggest that she had to reiterate the story several times to different crew members, with one suggesting: "'There's no way that happened.'"

Despite letting a cruise worker speak to the man from the Amsterdam port, they reportedly said, "We still need confirmation it's your bag."

"They called my phone number because my phone number is on my bag," Lindsey hit back. "What more confirmation do you need?"


Celebrity Cruises dropped my bag in the OCEAN! This was filmed on July 5th, I posted as soon as I had service. More updates to come. Please tag @Celebrity Cruises @Royal Caribbean so they can finally take accountability for their actions. *disclaimer: I understand that being on this trip is a privilege and I’m very grateful that me and my family are safe.* #lostatsea #celebritycruise #lostbaggage

Lindsey has since updated fellow TikTokers, claiming she still hasn't received her bag back. However, it is "confirmed" to still be in Amsterdam and is expected to be there "for nine days" despite initially being "gaslit by an employee."

She has since had to buy herself clothes and toiletries using her own money and has only allegedly been handed $400 in credit and two laundry vouchers as compensation.


Replying to @♒️🔮☀️🌕 update from july 9th: they will not be returning my bag to me for 8 more days…because I have to retrieve it from amsterdam #luggagelost #lostatsea #celebritycruise #celebritycruises @Celebrity Cruises @Royal Caribbean

Many viewers urged Lindsey to "get it all in writing."

"They better also refund your entire booking," one wrote. "That's absolutely insane."

Another added: "Keep your receipts and give them to the cruise line for reimbursement!! This story is insane, I'm so sorry this happened to you!"

Indy100 reached out to Lindsey and Celebrity Cruises for comment

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