Couple fuming to learn they booked romantic getaway during Spring Break

Couple fuming to learn they booked romantic getaway during Spring Break
We booked a vacation — and didn't realize it was spring break

A couple were stunned to learn that their romantic getaway to Florida coincided with Spring Break – but they certainly made the most of it.

In a viral clip, couple Dalton and Sako (@dalton.aint.worried) shared their surprise after encountering a beach flooded with "20-year-olds."

"When you accidentally go on spring break," the pair wrote as the on-screen caption.

Florida's Panama City Beach is a hotspot for carefree college students to drop everything and head over to party. It's considered the "Spring Break capital of the world" with 27 miles of white sand beaches and thriving nightlife.

In one of the clips, Sako jokes that the "ocean is that way" when she notices her fiancée Dalton's eyes wandering.

"What are you looking at?" She jokes, to which he responds: "The ocean."

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In a separate video, Dalton can be seen falling asleep on their Florida holiday. "When you try to party with 20 year olds on spring break" she wrote, before teasing: "Hey, you tapping out already?"

"Boy, you’ve only had three drinks and you’re ready for a nap," she continued. "If you can’t hang with the big dogs, you better stay your a** on the porch."

The clips were soon inundated with thousands of comments, with one fellow TikToker joking: "He’s definitely a mood that I completely understand."

Another added: "As a 30 year old... I feel this in my soul every day."

A third person, who empathised with Dalton, wrote: "Being tired at a party is one of the worst things because you’re physically incapable of having a good time."

I suppose if you can't beat them, join them...

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