VTuber's concert goes viral on TikTok after people reportedly paid $300 to watch it

VTuber's concert goes viral on TikTok after people reportedly paid $300 to watch it
【#ARPxCAF Mini-Concert Replay】Shinunoga E-Wa 「Dacapo」

A VTuber's performance at a mini-concert has gone viral on TikTok and turned into its own meme after reportedly charging $300 to punters who saw the gig.

According to YouTube, the performance took place at the Cosplay Arts Festival in Thailand on July 1st. This was reportedly part of the Algorhythm Project performance, which is a collective of Virtual YouTubers (Vtubers) who all perform under the same banner.

For those not in the know, a vtuber is basically a YouTuber who uses a virtual reality avatar instead of themselves as part of the entertainment on their streams, which often involve singing.

The particular vtuber who has gone viral on TikTok in the last few days is called Dacapo who has 230,000 subscribers on YouTube alone. They performed as part of the Algorhythm Project video and while there were numerous other vtubers in the piece has focused in on Dacapo's performance which can be viewed below.

【#ARPxCAF Mini-Concert Replay】Shinunoga E-Wa 「Dacapo」www.youtube.com

The video consists of not much more than Dacapo singing the song 'Shinunoga E-Wa' as the avatar sways back and forth with their long fringe covering the character's eyes. Toward the end of the song, the hair does lift up and viewers do get to see the character's eyes which appears to prompt a huge reaction from the crowd.


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Numerous TikTok's have since emerged of this performance with many claiming that people at the festival paid $300 to watch the show.


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However, this is likely to be $300 in Thai Bhat which roughly exchanges to $8.50 (£6.60) in US money, so in reality they didn't spend too much money.

Regardless the vtuber's video has since gone viral and become something of a meme on TikTok where people imitate the song.


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Dacapo is yet to respond to their new found online fame.

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