What was the December 22nd incident on TikTok?

What was the December 22nd incident on TikTok?
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There's always a trend, challenge or something happening on TikTok, and recently, there have been quite a few videos about the December 22 incident on the platform.

So what exactly happened last year on this date?

On this particular day, people noticed that more NSFW content appear on their For You page, which surprised many given TikTok's strict rules on this kind of content.

In videos about the day, it is speculated that the social media's moderation team "must have been asleep" or "went on hiatus," with some noting how Christmas was just days away.


The Dec 22nd 2022 slideshow incident. The rest of the video is available on YT #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #viralvideo #viraltiktok #slideshowincident #se456 #CapCut

There has never been any official word or comment from TikTok on what exactly happened on December 22, with the NSFW posts later disappearing from the platform.

But this date is memorable for those who were on their For You page last year.

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