'I peeled my orange today' slideshow has TikTok 'sobbing'

'I peeled my orange today' slideshow has TikTok 'sobbing'
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A public breakup between two women has gone viral on TikTok resulting in many people talking about 'peeling oranges.'

The TikTok, which is a series of screengrabs of text messages between the two women, who are known only as Charlotte and Em.

The slideshow was shared on TikTok by the account @things.i.cant.sen and has already been viewed more than 5 million times.

The story starts with Charlotte texting 'Hey' to Em, however, the latter woman is surprised to hear from Charlotte. The crux of the conversation is that Charlotte wanted to tell Em that she got a place at New York University.

Em says that she is 'proud' of Charlotte but as the text messages continue it becomes obvious that the two women were once a couple. Although Charlotte is still in love with Em the feeling isn't mutual adding that she was once in love with Charlotte but isn't. anymore.

Things soon turn very emotional and intimate when Charlotte speaks about 'peeling oranges'.

"I miss when you would peel my oranges for me in the morning," says Charlotte.

Em replies, "Did you learn how to do it yet"

"No, I still get juice all over and stab my nails too deep," Charlotte says.

Em adds: "You'll figure it out someday."

The viral 'peeling oranges' TikTok@things.i.cant.sen/TikTok

As the conversation continues Charlotte tells Em that she "loves" her. Em replies that she "loved" her too.

The slides do end on a happy but emotional note with Charlotte telling Em "I peeled my orange today."

That final line has broken TikTok users with many flooding the comments to say how moved they are by the exchange.

One person wrote: "“i peeled my orange today” SOBBING. baby im so proud of you."

Another said: "i peeled my orange today” SOBBING. baby im so proud of you."

A third added: "i peeled my orange today “ broke me."

For those wondering if peeling an orange is a metaphor for something else, as far as we can tell it's not. It's just one woman. telling her ex-lover that she has now learned to do something that she used to rely on her partner for.

On that note, we're going to sit in the corner and cry for a while...

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