Influencer gives tour of her apartment despite it burning down

Influencer gives tour of her apartment despite it burning down
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House and property tours are popular online, but one woman's has gone viral with her New York City apartment tour since she did it after her place got burned in a fire.

Kelsey Soles (@kelseysoles) provided the backstory as she explained how her apartment caught fire as she slept the night before and admitted she was still "in shock" from the incident.

“So I woke up surrounded by flames,” she said. “I was going around my apartment trying to find stuff to save. But It’s only up from here,”

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Though on a lighter note, Kelsey added there was “a bit of comedic relief was that there was one really cute firefighter that was helping me put out the fire.”

She asked for a pair of shoes from her flat as she was barefoot, to which the firefighter retrieved her new pair of 3-inch wedges.

Kelsey then showed photos of her burned-down apartment.

For the video caption, the TikToker wrote: "My apt burned down last night life is gooooood."

While in another video, which she posted from the flat, you could see the place was completely black from where the flames had been put out.

In a follow-up clip, Kelsey responded to comments which were asking what the cause of the fire was.

“I don’t know the exact cause,” she said. “It was where my Wi-Fi was plugged into and an extension cord plugged into that.”


My apt burned down last night life is gooooood

Since sharing what happened, Kelsey's videos have gone viral, receiving 1.5m and 4.5m views respectively, while many took to the comment section to send their love and support.

One person said: "Girl this is traumatizing and horrible I’m so sorry this happened to you but I know you're gonna push through. I’m wishing u the best."

"Praying for you hun, at least you’re safe. Material things are replaceable you aren’t," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I’ve been through this and it’s actually one of the worst things ever, realise that it’s okay to mourn it wasn’t “just stuff” I promise you’re being set onto a better path, just keep pushing through."

"That is so scary I’m so glad you’re okay," a fourth person commented.

A GoFundMe for Kelsey has been set up by her friends that has already raised more than $7000.

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