Woman shocked as the stairs to her apartment suddenly disappear

When construction work takes over an apartment block, the tenants tend to get notified. This wasn’t the case for one TikTok user when she found herself trapped “for hours” after her stairs leading up to her front door were suddenly removed.

In a viral clip that has unsurprisingly racked up a staggering 1.9 million views, Olivia Crump (@foodbattle2008) recorded the staircase outside her complex with a huge chunk missing.

“It was impossible to get down without climbing over the ledge with a ladder or scaling the side with a decent drop below,” Olivia explained.

“My apartment complex didn’t notify any of the residents beforehand (and still hasn’t reached out since this happened). We were stuck for nearly four hours until the worker finally told me I could come down, and me and my dog hopped an unfinished step so I could let her outside.

“I called the apartment too and they told me they didn’t know the stairs were being worked on.”

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The TikTok clip was flooded with hundreds of comments; some were quick to highlight the dangers of the ordeal.

“Call the fire marshal. It’s a nice hefty fine for them,” one person commented. Another person wrote, “Against Fire Code. Sue them for endangerment.”

One user joked: “Ed Edd and Eddy vibes. *my parents took away my stairs because I am grounded*.”

Another user added, “Bosses be like, ‘it’s not that far, just jump. Don’t be late.’”

While the incident caused an unexpected disruption to Olivia’s day, she toldDaily Dot she had no plans on taking legal action.

“I have no plans to pursue legal action, although I’m sure I could because they were definitely causing a fire hazard,” Olivia said. “I do think it’s more than fair that they give us some form of compensation for putting us in a dangerous situation without warning, but it doesn’t seem like they plan on doing that!”

We can only imagine the call with her boss that day explaining her absence.

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