Man tries to use LinkedIn as a dating app – and it goes as well as you’d expect

Man tries to use LinkedIn as a dating app – and it goes as well as you’d expect
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There are a plethora of dating apps and social media platforms, yet one would-be casanova decided to shoot his shot via a less obvious avenue.

His target, TikTok user Hannah Harmelin, posted about her surprise after the unidentified MBA student sent her a chat-up message via LinkedIn. Yes, that’s right, the business and employment-focused networking site.

Hannah shared a screenshot of his DM, which read: “Hey Hannah–skipping the line on a dating app and coming straight to you.

“Aggressive move, [I know, I know.] Life’s too short not to go for what I am highly interested in.”

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The man ended his note with the kind of formality you might expect from... you know... LinkedIn, writing: “Happy to connect regardless of your openness to meet. Kindest regards.”

And even though Hannah concealed the face on his profile picture to protect his identity he is, as you’d expect, wearing a suit jacket and tie in the photo.

Her video racked up more than 780,000 views and 44,300 likes in two weeks as fellow TikTokers shared their glee at the man’s “power move”.


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“It’s the ‘kind regards’ for me. Keeps it classy,” one commented.

“Maybe I’m just toxic but I’m obsessed with this and you should definitely give him a chance lol,” wrote another.

A third pointed out that he'd sent the message at 12am – so was it possible that he was drunken LinkedIn scrolling? That’s got to be a new one.

Others were less impressed by his approach, with one describing the message as a “red flag”, and another writing: “My rage would never. I would say LinkedIn is not a dating site it is a place to find a job.”

All we can say is, he got her attention. So, in that sense, job done.

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