Matt Hancock told 'we've had Kenough' as he covers Barbie song

Matt Hancock told 'we've had Kenough' as he covers Barbie song
Matt Hancock shares cringy TikTok video as he jumps on Barbie trend

Matt Hancock sent everyone a message over the weekend: He is Kenough. And people are divided by the performance.

The track sung by Ryan Gosling featured in the record-breaking Barbie film, which has now grossed $1 billion at the box office.

'I'm Just Ken' has since soared in popularity. Not only has it hit the Billboard Hot 100 list, but it's also had many TikTok trends using the song as the new go-to audio. And now, Hancock has his hands on it with his very own rendition.

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The viral clip was shared to TikTok on Sunday (6 August) and shows the former Health Secretary passionately miming Gosling's track lyrics while walking along the beach.


Hancock's homemade music video view racked up a staggering 1.5 million views and over 16,000 comments from fellow TikTok users.

Some people were quick to share they enjoyed the performance, with one writing: "Made my day Matt, cheers," while another added: "Really bringing the Kenergy right now."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "This isn’t something I ever thought I would see. But cheers Matt. Cheered me right up!"


I am kenough!💪 #justken #barbenheimer #kenough

Others believed it was "way too early for this" this Monday morning, as Hancock graced their FYPs at the crack of dawn.

"I’ve officially had Kenough," one user chimed in, while another compared it to a "fever dream".

"To think this man worked for the government is a joke," a third noted, while one described it as "iconic but also deeply, terribly unsettling."

It comes after Boris Johnson was rumoured to be following in Hancock's I'm a Celeb foot steps.

A spokesman for Johnson hit back at claims, telling The Sun: "Boris is not doing this programme and is not in talks to do so."

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