The 'What's your Ken job' TikTok trend explained

The 'What's your Ken job' TikTok trend explained
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The Barbie obsession is far from over...

Ahead of the release, which broke records on its opening weekend, the marketing team were already putting in the work to get the word out. From dedicated merch to pink food and Airbnb collaborations, the world was already painted pink before it even hit the big screen.

We've since witnessed an influx of Barbiecore fashion flooding timelines and TikTok inundated with Barbie trends and challenges. But now, there's a new one in town and it's dedicated to sharing 'your Ken's job'.

The challenge sees people recording their partners doing their ordinary day jobs, but describing it as though they were in Barbieland. For those who have watched the film, there's a scene in which Ken describes his job as "just beach," after giving surfing a whirl and subsequently injuring himself.

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In one viral TikTok by Jaim, she shows her partner packing his bag for work.

"My Ken's job is 'computer'," she wrote. "He loves his job and it proud of it. He came with his own textbook and backpack."

The TikToker continued: "I don't exactly know what it is, but it keeps him busy and doesn't annoy me for eight hours every day."


What’s your Kens job?💕 #barbiemovie #kensjob #kenough

Another clip saw one man preparing to leave the house on a bike.

The TikToker wrote: "My Ken's job is 'bike'. He doesn't care about fashion any other time but he has these cute outfits for bike and gets so excited when he thinks he looks good doing bike."


This mojo dojo casa house is full of bikes #ken #barbie #mojodojocasahouse

Meanwhile, a third joked that their partner was a 'hospital' Ken.


my ken’s job is hospital! #myken #kensjob #barbie

"Everyone’s showing their Ken’s job. My Ken’s job is hospital. He came with scrubs and a matching lanyard. Barbie loves her Hospital Ken," Andi wrote.

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