Mother documents just how stressful a day at Disneyland with kids is

Mother documents just how stressful a day at Disneyland with kids is
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For parents, there are possibly few things more tiring and stressful than having to entertain a child all day and one mother has documented it perfectly with a day at Disneyland.

A TikTok shared by a mother, Chrys Marie, has gone viral after showing what a “realistic day at Disneyland” looks like for a family with two young kids, which included a 25-minute line for the bathroom and over an hour queue for just one ride.

As it turns out, Disneyland isn’t the happiest place on Earth for everyone, as text overlaying the clip read, “realistic s**t show day at Disneyland”.

Throughout the video, which has had almost 3.5 million views, Marie sarcastically narrated the video.

She explained: “It was hot as balls so we bought this $87 fan, oh and surely some kid had to use the restroom which was a 25-minute line.

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“Finally, after two hours, we got on our first ride which was only a 55-minute wait.”

Other stressful situations included her daughter being annoyed that Minnie Mouse wasn’t there and having to meet Mickey instead and spending $12 on ice pops because the kids were “bored as f**k”.

Marie hilariously explained her son also got annoyed because he had to go on the pink teacup ride. He also threw up later in the day.


TikTok · Chrys Marie 🧡

The hilarious video has been praised by others for showing the real-life ups and downs of parenting young kids.

One TikToker responded: “Thank you for a realistic view of Disney. I never felt so much anxiety and anger at the happiest place on Earth.”

Another wrote: “I thought I was crazy for being irritable all day spending money, waiting in long lines, and sweating an ungodly amount while listening to crying.”

“Removes Disney from bucket list,” another person said.

Someone else commented: “Best video I’ve seen all day. Hysterical how it’s explained.”

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