Parents justify charging their daughter rent to live at home two weeks after she finished school

Parents justify charging their daughter rent to live at home two weeks after she finished school
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Charging family members rent can be awkward at the best of times.

However, one mum and dad took things to extremes by making their daughter contribute financially just two weeks after she finished school.

Erika and Cody Archie divided opinion on TikTok after sharing a video about making their 19-year-old daughter Kylee pay board.

The couple shared details of their family dynamic on their ranch with their hundreds of thousands of followers.

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They admitted that they decided to charge Kylee $200 a month in rent within a fortnight of her graduation from high school.


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"Our thought together is that since [Kylee] has graduated I told her... 'June 1st, our rent's due if you continue to live here'," Cody said in a TikTok posted last year, which has been recirculating online.

"I thought that was a little harsh, I mean maybe a little leeway," Erika added.

"200 bucks a month is plenty cheap to live like a grub in your parents' house,” Cody added.


"That's cheaper than she eats in food. We think it teaches them a good lesson in paying bills,” Erika also said.

People in the comments section were divided, with one saying: “A definite no for me… I know it’s rare, but I will forever help my kids… no matter the age.”

One more said: “There was a couple times where I had to move back home and my oldest daughter was little. We helped and gave my parents money. I think it depends on.”

“Right out of high school seems harsh. 18 year olds are still just kids at that age. Maybe take the rent and put it in an account and give it to her,” another added.

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