Passenger physically stops woman from opening window shade on a flight

Passenger physically stops woman from opening window shade on a flight
TikTok tussle over plane window blind sparks travel etiquette debate

Flying can be a stressful experience at the best of times. Add in a nightmare passenger next to you, and it can be all kinds of bad.

On that note, a TikTok user has shared their experiences after having his window tampered with on a flight.

TikToker Eric Goldie regularly posts about air travel on his channel, and he responded in a recent clip to a comment from a woman who had her sunshade messed with by a fellow passenger.

The comment read: “I put my shade down on a 6am flight this year and the women behind me kept reaching through the seat to pull it up. I almost got arrested.”

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Goldie clearly empathised with the woman, and shared a clip documenting almost exactly the same thing.


Replying to @girlinbeta Literally on my flight this morning. #flight #flying #ettiquette #travel #traveling #holidaytravel #happynewyear #hny #jokes #2023

The short video appears to show a hand appearing from behind his seat, adjusting the shade.

The clip then shows a hand, presumably Goldie’s, slapping it away in frustration.

It’s certainly one way to deal with a troublesome co-passenger, and the comments section was full of supportive messages.

“Can't they open their own window???” one wrote.

The incident sparked a big reaction online@ericgoldie/TikTok

Another added: “I carry a small blanket and shove it in the space so people can’t do that to me any more.”

One more said: “I get so confused when the window is 50/50 between seats. Who owns it.”

A supportive follower commented: “The audacity of people. It’s in your seat you get control of that. People are so entitled.”

“I would literally sleep on the closed window. The absolute nerve of some people!” another user added.

“Good for you. Peoples’ lack of boundaries is astonishing sometimes," a follower said.

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