This is the disturbing reason plane windows are shaped how they are

This is the disturbing reason plane windows are shaped how they are
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Ever wondered why plane windows are round, not square?

You may have assumed it is a design choice, but there's actually a rather unpleasant reason for the shape, according to a viral TikTok video.

The clip explains that planes used to have square windows in the 1950s but there were a few incidents of machinery rupturing causing incidents.

There were two fatal crashes in 1954. One of them was flight 781 from Rome and Flight 201, bound for Johannesburg, which claimed 56 lives.

Investigations showed the windows were to blame as they could not withstand the pressure of the cabin, needed for passengers to feel comfortable at high altitudes.

Round windows, on the other hand, were found to be better suited to distribute the pressure across the corners, meaning they don't break.


Why do airplane windows have a round shape? #AirplaneWindows #RoundShape #AirPressure #PassengerSafety #AviationHistory Have you ever wondered why airplane windows are round? The answer lies in the physics of air pressure and the safety of passengers. In the past, there were square windows on planes, but they caused accidents due to the sharp corners. The round shape of the current airplane windows allows for a more even distribution of pressure, preventing cracks and breaks at high altitudes.

And so that's why if you get on a plane today, you are bound to look out of a rounded window as you cruise across the sky to your favourite destinations.

All we can say is thank goodness technology has progressed and planes are safer than they were in the past.

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