Former Skims employee warns 'never buy underwear' after being 'fired'

Former Skims employee warns 'never buy underwear' after being 'fired'
Kim Kardashian reveals the Skims nipple bra was ‘moulded after’ her breasts
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A former Skims employee who claims she was 'fired' from her job after 'calling in sick' has posted on TikTok revealing 'secrets' about the company and has warned others to 'never buy underwear' from there.

shaunataylorr claims in the post that 'after working in marketing at Skims, my boss just fired me for calling in sick'.

Appearing to not be best pleased at the decision, she has taken to the social media platform to vent frustration at Kim Kardashian's clothing brand.

In doing so, she says her 'Skims story time' is coming soon and also revealed what she describes 'jaw-dropping secrets' about the company.

TikTok · shaunataylorrwww.tiktok.com

The post says: "Skims uses varying quality materials based on order size. If you spend under $1,000 you get lower quality items. But if you spend over $2,000 you'll receive premium quality items with special packaging.

"NEVER buy underwear! Returned or worn items, including underwear, are resold to customers without being cleaned.

"Anybody can be a product reviewer! When you sign up to be at skimsrewards.com, you'll get a $700 gift card to shop for anything on the site.

"Skims packaging is made out of plastic. They use LDPE (low density polyethylene) in their packaging, which is a hard-to-recycle synthetic plastic, making the company's 'not plastic' claim misleading!"

To be clear, these are claims from shaunataylorr.

A number of users have commented on the post.

aiiryfaiiry said: "Do I buy Skims? No. Did I read through the tea? Betcha! Interesting and informative. Algorithm, do your thing and bring me back!"

h said: "I got a refund for Skims last week and they told me just to keep or donate the items."

keenee said: "American employment law is wild... The way they can fire someone so easily blows my mind."

Skims has been contacted for comment.

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