TikTok horrified by 'egg crack challenge' where parent's break eggs on kid's heads

TikTok horrified by 'egg crack challenge' where parent's break eggs on kid's heads
Woman cracks three eggs on little girl's head!

There’s always something strange happening over on TikTok, and the latest viral trend involves parents cracking open eggs on their children’s heads.

Yep, we don’t really understand it either.

The Egg Crack Challenge has taken over the platform over recent days, with the hashtag racking up more than 33 million views.

The videos consist of… well, cracking eggs.

Only, instead of using the side of a bowl, people are using their children’s heads.

The clips typically involve parents baking with their kids, only to take them by surprise with a surprise tap on the forehead.

There’s a wide variety of reactions, with some kids taking it well and laughing the strange act off, and others found the whole thing pretty traumatising.


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The trend has certainly divided people online.

Sarah, who goes by the username “mom.uncharted” and films content about parenting, was asked if she’d seen the trend and she replied: “Yes I’ve been tagged in a few of these videos and I’ve seen it go two ways.


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“One, the kid gets the egg on the head and they’re kind of confused, thrown off, thinks it’s a little funny. Then they move on. Or, they get the egg cracked on the head and they’re really upset about it and they freak out.”

Sarah added: “But when I see those videos I think, are we that bored as parents and desperate for content?”


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One commented on her video, writing: “It HURTS, why would they do it?’

Another said: “I hate this trend I don’t get it. And it isn’t safe to post videos of your kids online. Too many sickos.”

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