TikTok hack shows if your boyfriend has nudes on his phone

TikToker shows off hack for creating dried fruit for cocktails

A woman has revealed a hack that will allow you to see if your partner has any nudes on their phone.

The urge to snoop through a partner’s phone can be a big one, particularly if you suspect them of having photos on there that they shouldn’t have.

Now, one woman has revealed a hack that lets you find out if they have any saucy pics without having to scroll through all their photos.

The hack was shared on TikTok by Leah Louvaine (@leahontheline), who hosts a podcast and shared the hack despite describing it as “toxic”.

In the video, she said: “Do you want to know if your boyfriend has nudes on his phone? Because I can show you how to do it. I’ve literally got a hack. Disclaimer – toxic.”

She continued: “Here is what we are going to do – we are going to get our boyfriend's phone… we open the camera roll, we search 'brassiere'.”

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Toxic tips 101 😩😭 @leahontheline #podcast #relationships

Louvaine said that searching that term on camera roll will bring up any nudes, underwear or bikini pics that might be lurking there.

The video has been viewed more than 702,000 times and in the comments, other TikTokers shared their experience of trying it out.

One TikToker wrote: “Did it on my own camera roll. It works.”

Another wrote: “Oh my god it works … currently single but I will take this information forward with me.”

Someone else said: “Not me typing it into my own album and seeing all my bikini pics. 100% works.”

Others were more baffled by the fact you can search your camera roll.

One person confessed: “News to me that there was even a ‘search’ option.”

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