TikTok's bizarre slushie trend explained

TikTok's bizarre slushie trend explained

TikTok is a world filled with fashion advice, raw reviews, food inspiration, beauty hacks – and, at times, seemingly pointless trends.

This time, it involves slushies and trucks with everyone asking the same question: Why?

Viral clips of truck owners at the gas station have been flooding the platform in recent weeks, and it's not to fill up their vehicles. Instead, they're purchasing colourful slushies, before launching them at their trucks.

One clip of Omar (@omarswheels) racked up over 1.4 million views in the process.

"You Thought It Was Over?" He penned as the caption while sporting the famed Big Red Boots in the video.

"Best one yet," one fan wrote in response, while another added: "We definitely won this trend."


You Thought It Was Over? 🤣 #dallastx #wheels #omarswheels #slushy #slushytruck #slushytrucktrend

Another TikTok by Gabe Farrell (@gabefarrellproductions) claimed he "spent [his] last $2 on that slushie" before launching it at the truck.

The video was met with confusion, with many echoing that they didn't understand the trend.

"I guess I’m officially old at 25," one person joked at their bemusement.


Spent my last $2 on that slushie 🤦‍♂️ #slushie #liftedtrucks

One theory by TikToker @mander2474 suggests that "Marketplace has been taken away from some people," with claims that people are recording the clips so people are "throwing a fit" over it.

Another is to make the trucks look "slushed," because the vehicle "is too clean."

Meanwhile, another theory is that it's to "bring the truck scene together."

But overall, it's seemingly just another pointless TikTok trend "for fun."

"If you do it right and you're not disrespectful, then it is fun," the TikToker said. "It's what TikTok is for."

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